Sunday, January 31, 2010


I got an account on YouTube yesterday because I felt that I had to respond to a sexist bastard who wrote a sexist comment about Sarah Palin and Yulia Tymoshenko (what does one have to do with the other anyways, uggh). Why did I respond? Why would I defend Palin or Tymoshenko? Because I was sick of reading comments about how "hot" or "ugly" a female politician or female singer is (and the politician at which the comments are directed at is most often female) for the 1,800th time. It's sexist, disgusting, and tiring (obviously). Now, I don't like Palin or Tymoshenko, it wasn't about defending there politics, it wasn't even about politics to the person making the sexist comments because he (I refuse to believe this could be a woman) also said that Hillary Clinton was, "...disgusting physically and politically." (it could have been "...disgusting politically and physically." I don't remember and it doesn't matter, there is no non-sexist reason to mention a female, or male, politicians looks in a political thread). The reason I am posting this is that I took action against this guy by reporting him after he called me a, "...fat cow woman" who can't, " or lose weight". Anytime someone makes sexist/hate comments on YouTube (esp. if it's directed at you), report it, here is the link to do so. Maybe it wasn't the smartest thing to respond to him, but I don't regret it. When someone makes misogynistic about a woman and tries to cover it up by saying "she's hot and has brains" it angers me. It dresses up sexism. It says that a woman with brains is worthless unless she has looks and holds women to a impossible standard. You wanna criticize Palin's politics (or Tymoshenko's), fine, good actually, I have. But there is NO excuse for misogynistic comments in my book, no matter what the person's politics. The other reason I am posting this is because in order to make places like YouTube safe for women, we cannot let comments like," I would fuck [insert name here]" or "[insert name here] is a fat woman cow bitch" slide. You can search almost any video that has a female in it (i.e. look up a YouTube video of Evanescence, or any female singer, and look at some of the comments, you might have to dig a little but, but they are there). Why do I mention Evanescence? Because I am a fan of the band of course. And while watching videos of Amy Lee (the leader of the band) singing I came across some very hateful and misogynistic comments that no one should have had to see. This may seem like old news but here's the thing, it's not. It still happens and if you see it, report it if you can, don't let people get away with it. And if you post video's on YouTube, moderate the comments and block people who do try and put misogynistic shit on your video's. This blog's comments are moderated for that very reason, I'm not naive enough to think that I will never get a hate comment with what I have posted here. It's sad, but true. I would love to have it completely open, trust me, but I don't want someone to come onto this blog (no matter how many people read it) and have to see some hate comment. In the end, it was not about politics with this guy who thought that Tymoshenko was "hotter" then Palin and that Hilary Clinton was ugly (she's not for the record), misogynist's will find a sexist comment to make regardless, it was about sexism, and nothing else.

- Lady Sydney

PS: For the record I do not agree with Palin's politics and think that it is unfortunate that feminists have to defend her from sexism. I wish we lived in a world where gender and sexual orientation did not matter, but we do not live in that world. Maybe we will some day. The reason that I do defend Palin from sexist/misogynistic comments is that if I just let is slide I couldn't consider myself a true feminist. There are many valid criticisms that can be made of her, I have even made some, and I will take the high road and stick to the valid ones.