Saturday, January 23, 2010

Homophobia and the Ukraine...

Twenty years ago in the Ukraine (back when it was Ukrainian Soviet Socialist Republic) you could expect to be sent to a psychiatric hospital or a labour camp if you were found out to be a gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgendered person. So, now that the Ukrainian SSR is no longer, have things changed. In some ways, yes. Same-sex sexual activity was made legal in 1991 and Ukraine is under the Gender Recognition Act 2004. In many ways however, no. There are no anti-discrimination laws in the Ukraine and homophobia (along with antisemitism) is widely accepted and even popular among stars in the country. 81.3% of people view being in a LGBT relationship as "always unacceptable". Apparently the only two things that are worse then being gay in the Ukraine are shoplifting and drunk driving. Oh, and if you think that gay marriage is anywhere close to being legalized in the Ukraine then think again, the politicians there pay no attention to LGBT people, so they are largely ignored by the government. And only 4.7% of people there think gay marriage should be legalized. The Ukraine may have made some inprovements since 1991 but the country still has a very long way to go if it wants to live up to it's motto "Ukraine's glory has not perished, nor her freedom."

Qusetion: What does 'Trust Women' mean to you?

I know I am a day late on "Blog for Choice day" but I didn't have acsses to a computer yesterday (I have to go to the public library to use a computer as my family does not have enough money to purchase one at the moment). But I hope this still counts!

Qusetion: What does 'Trust Women' mean to you?

Answer: To me 'Trust Women' means that you should trust a Woman to make both simple and complex decisions for how she wants to live her life. You should trust women to make the decision on whether or not to have a child. You should trust women to make the decision on when they want to have children. You should trust women with the decision on when and if they want to have sex. Most of this stuff just seems like common scene right? Well, some people do not think that women are capable of making these decisions. Some people who call themselves feminists still think that abortion hurts women when most have a positive abortion experience. Not everyone can afford to have a child every time they get pregnant and if a women who does not make much money gets pregnant and decides to have an abortion then why should she have to be ashamed? She shouldn't be ashamed. And the government has no right to tell her, or any women, what to do with her body. If a women decides to have a baby then she should not be shamed because of it. But that's what most anti-choicer's do. They say they don't want women to have abortions but then go on to say that they don't support birth control or real sex education ether. The real message they send is that women are not to be trusted with decisions about there body or life.

PS: Here is a link to a website about positive abortion story's. The reason I am including this link is because I don't think that we here enough of the positive abortion story's. I'm Not Sorry

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Sarah Palin, feminist?

No. Palin is not a feminist. And god help us if she does become president (I really don't think she will even try to run and I hope she doesn't, if she did run then there would be a chance of her being in charge, scary). Palin has shown time and time and time again that she can stand up for woman's rights and civil rights, but won't. You know, I think fox news will be good for her, that way she does not have any actual political power. Even is she was pro-choice and good on same sex marriage I still would not support her as president. Why? Because she can't lead. She does not have the life experience to lead, and I don't just mean age. She does not know what it is like to have a childhood where you grow up working class (or poor) and not get whatever you want (or be not be able to see Russia from her house). She does not know what it is to be poor and have a baby with down sydrome. She does not know what it is to have to hear the word "gay" used as a synonyme for "stupid" daily and be gay your self ("...a bunch of gay friends", my ass). And the worst part is that she does not try to understand. Obama does. She does not know enough about the world in general to lead. She may clame to be a feminist, but when it really comes down to it, is she? No.

Monday, January 18, 2010

New advitar, old symbol...

Well as you can see I got a new advitar!!! I made it myself, it's the black triangle badge that was used in the holocaust to identify lesbians and other "anti-social" People. I use this symbol because I'm bisexual but I go more towards the "6" on the kinsey scale (I'm between the four and the five) and I also don't really want to use the two overlapping triangles some bisexuals use (for more info on bi pride symbols click here). The reason is that the black and pink triangles were actually used during the holocaust and the two overlapping triangles were not. And the triangle in the photo is a pendent that I made myself (see above, first picture). I have also used the double moon symbol in my jewelery making (see above, second picture). Another reason I like the double moon symbol is that I think it's a lot cooler then the over lapping triangles. I have also made a ring that has the black triangle but I don't have a picture of it at the moment, I'll post it as soon as I do have a picture of it though! The reason I make jewelry to express my bisexuality is that I'm not really "out" and when I did come out to my Mom she wasn't that accepting and said that it would pass. It's not going to "pass". My Mom is a good Mom, don't get me wrong. I'm very lucky in that she would never disown me of kick me out of the house (I'm 16). I'm also not very out at school. One of my friends knows (she's also bi) and my jewelry teacher knows. My case manigar also knows and she has been very open-minded about it. So I am lucker then some LGBT teens are. Anyways, that's it for now! I'll try and post more tommorow!

~ LadySydney4

Sunday, January 17, 2010

First of many...

I suck at first posts so I'm just going to tell you what this blog will be about. It's about feminism and my life. Sometimes I will blog about a specific topic and sometimes it will relate to my life, sometimes not, depends. I'll try to blog at least a few times a week if not more. Some fun facts about me are that I live in Minnesota, I like to create my own jewelery, I also like reading a lot (look @ my book list on my profile) and I also love to draw. I edit Wikipedia (My Userpage) some. My screen name (as you probably can tell) is LadySydney4. Sydney Miller (that's where the Sydney in "LadySydney4" comes from) is my favorite character from Gossip Girl: The Carlyes (actually she the only one I give a shit about, well, I like Baby too but back on track). I know Gossip Girl is not the most feminist thing to read (and in all honesty the book series is not that great) but it's one of my guilty pleasures. I don't watch much TV at all. My favorite news source is the BBC. Well, that's it for now.

~ LadySydney4