Saturday, January 23, 2010

Qusetion: What does 'Trust Women' mean to you?

I know I am a day late on "Blog for Choice day" but I didn't have acsses to a computer yesterday (I have to go to the public library to use a computer as my family does not have enough money to purchase one at the moment). But I hope this still counts!

Qusetion: What does 'Trust Women' mean to you?

Answer: To me 'Trust Women' means that you should trust a Woman to make both simple and complex decisions for how she wants to live her life. You should trust women to make the decision on whether or not to have a child. You should trust women to make the decision on when they want to have children. You should trust women with the decision on when and if they want to have sex. Most of this stuff just seems like common scene right? Well, some people do not think that women are capable of making these decisions. Some people who call themselves feminists still think that abortion hurts women when most have a positive abortion experience. Not everyone can afford to have a child every time they get pregnant and if a women who does not make much money gets pregnant and decides to have an abortion then why should she have to be ashamed? She shouldn't be ashamed. And the government has no right to tell her, or any women, what to do with her body. If a women decides to have a baby then she should not be shamed because of it. But that's what most anti-choicer's do. They say they don't want women to have abortions but then go on to say that they don't support birth control or real sex education ether. The real message they send is that women are not to be trusted with decisions about there body or life.

PS: Here is a link to a website about positive abortion story's. The reason I am including this link is because I don't think that we here enough of the positive abortion story's. I'm Not Sorry

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