Monday, January 25, 2010

Christine de Pisan, The First Lady Of Feminism...

Christine de Pisan was one of the first feminists (or protofeminist) writers in medieval Europe. Born in 1365 in Venice. Her father, Thomas de Pizan, accepted an appointment to Charles V of France's court shortly after she was born. When she got older she started to write to support herself and the rest of her family. She married in 1380 when she was fifteenth years old. In a period of 19 years, she composed more then three hundred love ballads and many poems. In 1401 de Pisan started to partake in a literary quarrel. This allowed her to move out of the courtly literary circles which portrayed women as not much more than seducers. In particular she criticized Jean de Meun's book, The Romance of the Rose. In fact, she had written a book to respond to The Romance of the Rose called, The Book of the City of Ladies. Her final work was written in 1429, at the age of sixty-five, The Tale of Joan of Arc. She died in c. 1434 at age 68 (or 69).

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